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Two important areas for business owners to be across are accounts payable and accounts receivable.

Accounts payable is the money that a business owes its suppliers for goods or services that were received on credit, whereas accounts receivable records the money that a business should collect from customers who received goods or services on credit.

These areas are a major part of the balance sheet of small and medium businesses. Unless you’re trained in bookkeeping and accounting, it can be difficult to grasp the steps involved in the process.

Looking for a solution that removes the guesswork and manual tasks out of managing your accounts payable and accounts receivable? Carbon Bookkeeping & CFO Services can help.

Not only can we take the management of your accounts payable and accounts receivable off your plate, but we can streamline your processes to make it more efficient and help with debt collection.

We utilise the latest cloud-based technologies, and this allows us to give you access to your live data anytime, from any device. By using online invoicing, such as Xero, you’ll simply email your customers a link to a live invoice that includes a Pay Now button for accepting payments online. By utilising accounts receivable software, you’ll receive payment faster, and save on manual administrative tasks.

A higher level of service, from anywhere at anytime and for less

For many small and medium businesses, hiring additional staff to ensure the business’ finances are in order isn’t a cost or time-efficient option. Carbon can act as your accounts department and take care of it all to ensure you’re paid for your services and are meeting your financial obligations.

Waterwise Landscaping Case study

Waterwise Landscaping create purposefully designed exterior environments for their clients’ homes, adding value to their property. Waterwise Landscaping was previously using MYOB but found it complicated to use. They wanted to improve their bookkeeping knowledge and data entry to bring the work in-house.

Carbon converted them to Xero and trained their staff on how to use it, allowing them to do most of the data entry on their own. Xero has saved Waterwise Landscaping approximately 70% of their bookkeeping costs and around 50% reduction in time spent doing data entry.

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